Anton Spends A Week With The Children Of The Dream Street Foundation

I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending an entire week as a camp counselor for children with chronic illnesses at the Dream Street Foundation. Dream Street is an amazing organization that takes children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend a summer camp due to an illness and brings them all out and gives them the time of their lives. I can’t say enough great things about Dream Street but all I can say is organizations like this make you stand in awe at the inherent goodness of humanity and make you forget about all your little problems and insecurities. That was my experience with the children / faculty of Dream Street, they gave to me as much if not more joy as I hopefully gave to them. Thank you Dream Street Foundation for your dedication to excellence and the enrichment of all of our souls through selfless service to our fellow man. There are also many simple ways you can personally become part of the creation of magic and hope in a child’s life through support of the Dream Street Foundation by reading more about Dream Street below.


- Anton Troy



About The Dream Street Foundation:

Founded in 1988 Dream St. is a place where children who suffer from chronic illnesses can go to enjoy a week of fun. The children have the opportunity to enjoy swimming, horse back riding, sports,and more. We want the children to have the best experience possible.


Our Mission: 

Our purpose is to provide a unique camping program, free of charge, to children with chronic or life-threatening diseases.


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