Anton Cast In Brand New SHOWTIME Show Starting November 1st!

It’s Showtime…

We are proud to say that Wingman Inc. completed principle photography less than a week ago. This is particularly special because not only was Anton an actor in the production but Wingman will mark his debut as the producer of a full length Hollywood feature film. With that being said Anton Troy fans will be very excited to know that Anton will be re-teaming with Chillerama director Adam Rifkin and making another first time debut. This time on mainstream television starting November 1st @11:30pm on the SHOWTIME network (Check your local listings) in Adam Rifkin’s brand new darkly satirical series entitled ‘Reality Show’. Anton will be in the recurring part of Burt the Jr. TV network Executive so tune in and get your Anton fix starting November 1st! 

Warning Trailer contains explicit language & content not suitable for children.

Anton & Adam Rifkin

REALITY SHOW is a darkly satirical new series that follows the exploits of reality television show producer Micky Wagner and his amoral attempt to re-invent the reality genre.  Fed up with how staged and phony all reality shows are, Mickey’s revolutionary idea is to pick an average American family and put them under all encompassing surveillance…without their knowledge.  He’s convinced that if they are unaware that cameras are following their every move, the natural drama of life that unfolds will be far more compelling than anything a team of Hollywood writers could manufacture.  Unfortunately Mickey soon realizes that the family he picked is boring.  In a desperate attempt to salvage the show and keep the network happy, Mickey begins to interfere.  By introducing obstacles and conflict into the family’s life, Mickey quickly finds that betraying his original conceit and messing with his subjects makes for a far more fascinating show.  Unfortunately for the family, they have no idea why they are suddenly besieged with so much bad luck.  As the show gets better, the family starts to disintegrate and their lives begin to spiral downward.  As things continue to get darker and darker Mickey rationalizes that all will be ok in the end, for once the episodes begin airing, fame will heal all the wounds caused by his morally bankrupt meddling.  REALITY SHOW is an indictment of a medium that we are all equal parts fascinated and repulsed by.

Meet Reality Show producer Mickey Wagner (Adam Rifkin) probably parked outside the innocent Warwick family’s house covertly capturing their entire lives on camera. The footage better be amazing because he is still gonna have to report to me and the network president when the sizzles don’t sizzle… All starts Thursday November 1st 11:30pm only on Showtime Networks!!!

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