Anton Troy

Anton Troy Biography:

Anton, the grandson of a renowned stunt man and rodeo cowboy, spent his childhood in backstage dressing rooms beside his single mother, a professional mime and children’s entertainer.

A native of San Diego, Anton moved with his mother to Las Vegas at an early age. He struggled with being fatherless. But he loved to listen to his grandmother tell stories about his grandfather. She would talk about his grandfather’s work on movies like Ben Hur; series like Gunsmoke and as Jimmy Cagney’s stunt double.

Acting became a way to deal with his feelings and gave him the strength to reinvent himself. Anton is known for his quiet intensity, complex presence and old soul charm. This has led to his being cast to play highly shaded characters.

Biography by – Pat Troise


Hello and welcome.

Rather than state “acting just came naturally to me” I would like to say I have walked a long road, spent many tears, dreamed passionately and laughed a lot in my evolution of becoming an artist. It is my goal to bring something from the depths of my own soul to every role to entertain you in some way. I act from my heart where pain, joy and the truth of my being well forth. I hope to be a vessel for great art and portray characters on an identifiably human level.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting.


- Anton Troy